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No New Posts The Beginning

Here, you can find all the information that is needed before you become a member here on Twisted Reality. Make sure you read over all the required and important information. Please PM any of the staff if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

8 8 Species
by cia
Dec 27, 2010 16:08:02 GMT -8
No New Posts The Declarations

Here, you can find any announcements and updates from the staff of Twisted Reality. The announcements here will be the same as on the side bar and are open to all members for comments, questions, and concerns.

Sub-board: OTM Awards

1 5 TR Reloded...
by Nara
May 29, 2012 17:44:00 GMT -8
No New Posts Archives

All finished or dead threads are placed here. If a thread has been moved here, and you wish to continue it, let a staff member know and we will move it back.

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reality's temptation

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No New Posts The First Step

This is where you post your chracters to be accepted.

  • Must wait to be accepted before joing in threads
  • Post in face claim
  • Follow the template and don't change it
  • If you're still working on a character, please place WiP in the title of you character's full name.
  • Once accepted and bio is moved, you are free to roleplay!

Sub-board: Inactive Biographies

34 56 Player-Character Directory
by cia
Dec 26, 2010 19:35:21 GMT -8
No New Posts No Return

Once accepted, your character will be placed here and locked. If you wish to update a character, ask an admin to unlock it and we will re-check it once your changes are done.

Sub-boards: Accepted Nobles, Accepted Lunar Beasts, Accepted Tainted Maidens, Accepted Flower Maidens, Accepted Animals, Accepted Humans

21 27 Jacqueline Micheal Fawn
by Jacqueline Micheal Fawn
Jun 9, 2012 14:29:23 GMT -8
No New Posts `Entangled Threads

Relationship Plots, thread trackers, photo albums, and things of the like will all be found here! Please remember to keep your pictures from stretching the board. For information on colors and fonts, please visit this thread.

Sub-boards: Relationship Trees, Photo Albums, Thread Trackers

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city of vale

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No New Posts The Great Entrance Gateway

The city of vale is surrounded by a large stone wall around thirty feet high. The walls are made one with the halls that surround the castle and consist of many levels which are guarded all day. At the only entrance to the city there is a great arch and a colossal reinforced door. As you enter you’ll find it’s like a great hall in which you must pass through before entering the city. is quite busy with the amount of people passing in and out. At the end of the hall, near the city, there is another gate. This one, however, is made of metal bars that wrap in an fascinating design and another pair of wooden doors that open in instead of out.

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No New Posts The Metropolis Square

The city of Vale houses one of the largest squares in the world. In the middle is a large fountain with elaborate status that seems to touch the sky. Many people like to toss in coins and make a wish. You never know, it might come true. The footing is made up of different size stones that hold a creamy color and a tint of green. The square is always busy with people trying to get here and there. Every thing eventually leads back to the square making it hard to get lost.

Sub-board: Vale's Hospital

6 30 r.eiterate |open|
by Rosuto Houka
Feb 11, 2012 14:27:26 GMT -8
No New Posts Atroce District

The Atroce District is more like a sub-city than an actual district, contrasting greatly with the City of Vale on many levels. You can find people on the lower-end of the social class spectrum residing in the poorly made ghettos, or even sometimes sleeping on the streets. The residents here are often more trusting of the wild beasts than even their fellow humans, making this the only place in the entire city where an animal would even dare to think about shifting back into their true form. It is not uncommon to also hear the residents speak badly of the noble families and the society they have created that revolves around wealth not everybody has. The only non-residential humans you would see around here are the police, or the occasional curious passer-by.

Sub-board: First Frontier Saloon

4 23 //n.OThinG tO F E A R:..[o.pen]
by Shai Uzikami
May 30, 2012 15:27:00 GMT -8
No New Posts Vale Accommodations

The City offers a variety of housing that lines the town square and numerous other streets. Each person gets their own house chosen to fit their needs. It is optional to share a home if wanted. Housing must be applied for in order to receive a home.

Sub-boards: Booth's Home, Shai's Home, Sagittarius's Home, Mikomi's Home

1 1 Applying for a Home
by cia
Dec 23, 2010 17:23:47 GMT -8
No New Posts The Market Lane

Town the main street that connects to the town square, there is the Market Lane. It is the busiest street of all Vale City. Here are shops that you may have never even heard of. Each store has something new and exciting to bring to the table. Most of the people are nice but be careful for those who fool you. If you’re new some people will take advantage of that and try to raise the prices on you if you’re not careful. This is also the longest road in the City as well. There are shops, tents, or stands that offer a different array of goods.

Sub-board: Baulic Carpentry

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No New Posts The Noble Palace

The gates to the noble homes are guarded day and night. There is an open bath that leads to the courthouse that breaks into four paths, all which lead to a separate building. Each building is similar yet different at the same time. Each one houses a different noble family. Each building has a good distance in between them. You can see the place from the town square as it’s on the main road straight through. The buildings are beautiful as if they were built for kings. No noble family is bigger or better then the other, all respect each other and for the most part, get along.

Sub-boards: The Yeu Household, The Noble Garden, The Leonardo Household , The Grand Ballroom, The Fra Household , The Center Courtyard , The Angelico Household

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Port Loco

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No New Posts The Loco Strip

This strip mall is incredibly large, bringing in most of the income for this town without the actual strip mall feel. It's about 12 to 15 shops set up on a long, looping layout- one which every other turn off of the main walk will, without a doubt, bring you to the main focus of this town; the Casino. From an ariel view, one can clearly see the shops are layed out in a flower sort of shape, with the casino sitting right in the middle. At night, the malls and walk are lit up brilliantly with dazzling lights and structures, making the only thing easily visible from outside of the city, whether on land or on the ocean.

Sub-board: Shaker-Town Casino

1 4 N.othin but the B.est (O)
by A.kina K.azemori
Jun 24, 2012 13:20:35 GMT -8
No New Posts Glamor Square

Located in the middle of the city, the square holds a variety of fountains for display, as well as fountains that spurt up right from the ground for the kids to play in. Though quieter than it would be around the casino or the malls, it's still crowded with tourists that try to get pictures with the masterpieces of anything between stone and marble, mixed with the locals just trying to get where they need to be. Surrounding the square is nothing but hotels and homes, making this one of the more crowded areas of the town.

1 10 A Curious Arrangement (sag)
by Sagittarius Camden
Dec 14, 2012 13:48:01 GMT -8
No New Posts White-Gold Pier

quite a ways off from the noisiness of the city, you'll see in the distance a pier- one that's mainly used for importing and exporting various goods and machines. More often than not, you'll find a few lovers here every now and again during the night when it's not as heavily monitored; slip the deckhands a few bucks though, and they'll be in their merry way- having never seen you in their life.

Sub-board: The Diamond Marina

1 6 I'm still an Animal
by Shai Uzikami
Jul 9, 2012 10:15:02 GMT -8
No New Posts Mombasa Beach

A mile or so from the pier, away from all of the industrial noises of loading equipment, is the Mombasa beach. It stretches out over a good 20 or so miles, white sand and turquoise water making this area somewhat busy, but near as busy as the strip or the square. Spread throughout the length of the beach are various palm trees and large trees, uprooted and dead- the sun and salty air bleaching the wood white and making for surprisingly study play-areas for the kids. The water is crystal clear, allowing you to see down to the very depths up until it gets to 105 feet. Many tropical fish and other marine life are found in abundance, usually hanging around the reefs only a good 40 or so feet from the shore.

1 5 I |never| told y.ou [Ash]
by Mikomi Nai
Jun 19, 2012 23:18:57 GMT -8

twisted paradise

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No New Posts The Vast Expanse

It’s a large meadow that touches the city and continues for miles upon miles to the outskirts of paradise. It’s covered in lush green grass and shady trees here and there. It’s a good place to have a run since it’s very open and clear. Some humans travel here for picnics but are wary because of the animals that are said to dwell here. The grass ranges from short to knee high. There is abundant bug life which consists mostly of winged bugs such as the butterfly.

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No New Posts The Astral Ridge

The vast expanse reaches the Astral Ridge that acts like a barrier between paradise and the city. The rocks touch the sky but every animal knows that secret patch that easily leads though it. Some humans have died trying to pass over the mountain and any human lucky to find the secret patch is most likely met with the animals that guard it and are never seen again. The path seems to glow with life with a mysterious fog that is always there. You can never see the sun when you’re on the path but you can feel it.

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No New Posts Lunar Valley

Once out of the path you walk a little ways and the fog will lift and the sun will greet you. Once this happens you are instantly hit with the scent and sight of lunar flowers. They cover the valley from head to toe. Miles and miles of them can be seen and it’s not uncommon to see animals playing around. The sun is always bright with the occasional rain which in turn brings more life.

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No New Posts Stellar Oasis

Toward the forests there is an Oasis in which is abundant with like and surrounded by tall trees. It’s the best cool out and water spot in all of Paradise. Sometimes it becomes frozen but a quick jab at it will break the ice really quickly. There is fish life as well for feeding purposes. The waters are clear with a blue tint. Towards the bottom it’s slightly darker. How deep it is exactly is unknown at this moment.

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No New Posts Clandestine Woods

A little ways from the Oasis is the forests in which most of the animals live. It is pretty well known to the animals but to a human if there were ever to make it this far would surely be lost forever. Most of the trees look exactly the same so telling where you’re going is difficult. Most of the sun is blocked out till you reach deeper and it starts to thin out. Its home to most of the animal life in Paradise and is well protected by those who live here.

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No New Posts Tainted Labyrinth

Deep in the Clandestine Woods, where the trees are thick and tightly packed, and sunlight just barley makes it through the thick cover of leaves in the canopy, you come across a seemingly vibrant waterfall that gives off a sinister air. One would do well to avoid it, as if the lack of animal and plant life surrounding the area wasn't enough of a clue. For beyond the falling water lies the entrance to perhaps the most dangerous place in Paradise. The home of the Lunar Beasts. The home is more so like a series of caves that only the murderous five know by heart how to navigate, only a few hollowed out caverns used for 'rooms' and for gathering for meetings. There is no animal that has ever entered this place and seen the light of day afterwards, their fates unknown to all except for the ancient beasts. One would be considered suicidal to even consider entering the darkness of the labyrinth, and very few have even rumored in low whispers of seeing the beasts from afar, entering and leaving the hidden cave, sometimes with screaming and yelling victims. Nobody dares to speak of the sighting more than once, for fear that the beasts would come to claim them in the night....and they would be correct.

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No New Posts Paramount Plains

Continuing on past the Clandestine woods, even farther than the lunar beasts cave, you'll notice after a good number of hours that the trees start to thin out again, loosing their lush green foliage as the air becomes dryer, the temperatures rising higher than out in the other regions of paradise. Before long, the forest empties out to savannah-like plains, tall tan grass and sparse vegetation filling up the landscape. You can find the occasional watering hole or stream, though during the summer when water becomes scarce, some of the native predators and even some of the prey make the trek to the stellar oasis when they get desperate enough. Dwelling in these lands is a native tribe, past the first few mountains and in a gulley. The natives tribe is filled with animal shifters- the ;eader being a lunar beast named Lux, whom is unaware of his blood as a lunar beast.

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No New Posts Calamitous Peaks

Seen from nearly every area of paradise, and even in the city of vale, these mountain peaks are always capped with snow, their unforgiving climate making it hell for the few animals that are adapted to inhabit it. You can get to them through the Paramount Plains, though outsiders that make their way up either quickly make it back down before they get too far in, or end up falling prey to the occasional snow leopard or lynx, perhaps even to the rare clouded leopard. Nobody has dared to try going beyond these mountains, those foolish enough to try either dying from exposure to the cold, or never being seen or heard from again.

Sub-board: Carcinogenic Fall

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Out Of Character

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No New Posts The Lounge

Stop by the arcade to play a fun game or introduce yourself! Everyone is welcomed here, so kick back, relax and enjoy the festivities!

Sub-boards: Hello and Goodbye, Game Corner, Crack RP, Test Board

12 34 Test -Fixed-
by Koby Herts
Jan 18, 2012 15:42:42 GMT -8
No New Posts Art Walk

You can come in here and post up some of your art-work if you feel like you wanna show off and flaunt your skills~! Or, you can open up graphics shop to share your skills with customers. For a certain price that is!

Sub-boards: Shai's Signature Shop, Nara's Manipulations

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No New Posts Suggestions

If you have a request for a new role playing area or a song suggestion for the playlist, post them here! Remember, the staff are always interested to know what their members want.

2 3 Playlist song Suggestion
by cia
Dec 29, 2010 22:50:56 GMT -8
No New Posts Questions & Comments & Concerns

Are you confused about anything? Or do you want to ask a question before joining? Unsure of something? Well this is the place you can come and post those! Even if you are a guest wanting to comment on our board, you are welcomed here. Remember, there aren't stupid questions, only stupid answers. ( Guest Friendly )

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No New Posts Advertise & Affiliate

All Advertisements and Affiliations go inside their respective boards inside this one. Please, this is the only place you can place an advert here on TR. And please, check the lists to see if you have placed your ad already.
( Guest Friendly )

Sub-boards: Affiliates, First Time, Linking Back

102 106 Deadly Crows: A Fairy Tail RP
by Calyco
Mar 12, 2013 12:29:34 GMT -8


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